Risk Forecasts

Law and Order Situation: 

The overall law and order situation is under control of Law enforcement Agencies of Bangladesh.


Risk Associated with the political Activities:

The road blockades  and mass protest of the main opposition political party 'Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Garments workers all around the country  have been going on for last few weeks .

The political demand of BNP for a free, fair and participatory election including a caretaker government  have been a long root cause for such agitation programme. Where as the garments workers started calling strikes for  high wages .

After the political rally of BNP on 28 October, the government machineries went into strong law enforcement measures that generated a mixed feeling all over the world.  

Risk Assessments:

The travel around Dhaka, Chittagong and all over Bangladesh may be taken safely with appropriate precautions. Undertaking travel in and out to Dhaka city is not advised during the period of ‘Road blockades.