Risk Forecasts

Corona Situation.

Bangladesh government has been successful in controlling and managing the spread of Corona Virus. 


Law and Order Situation: The overall law and order situation is under control of Law enforcement Agencies .


Risk Associated with the political Activities:

A rally and mass protest of the main opposition political party 'Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is scheduled to be held in Dhaka on 10 December. Many speculation and talks are spread around that mass political gathering. Talks have different dimension, especially, over the counter programmes, including setting up of check-posts announced by ruling Awami League centering the BNP’s rally. So, a new situation is likely to emerge in the country’s politics over what is really going to happen in Dhaka on 10 December.

The BNP leaders stated that 'BNP has no plan to call for ousting the government from this rally by occupying or besieging Dhaka city. Their only goal is to hold a large public gathering'. But ruling party leaders and ministers are talking in such way that seems BNP will seize Dhaka that day and oust the government.

Risk Assessments:

The travel around Dhaka, Chittagong and all over Bangladesh may be taken safely with appropriate precautions. Undertaking travel in and out to Dhaka city is not advised from 8th December to 11 December 2022.