Business Intelligence

ISSIT  Ltd is also a leading professional  business intelligence company in Bangladesh. ( since January 2005. Our close associations and partnership with the world best risk assessment and private investigation companies like , Control Risk Group, UK & India, Kroll Asia, Trojan Inc , USA ,PSA, Philippines, PSH , Dubai , Chris Mathers Inc, Canada, ISOG, Italy, 'Centricity Consulting, Australia etc. made us automatic the best choice in Bangladesh  in  the  private investigation services. We do provide the following specific Investigation and Intelligence services:

Individual Background Checks(declared or through due diligence)  includes but not limited to:

o Criminal Records Checks

o Civil litigation Check

o Credit History (Financial)

o Address Check

o Identity Check (National Identity Card/Driving License/Passport)

o Education Checks

o Employment Records Checks

o Media or Reputation Check

o Date of Birth /Death Certificate Check

o Drug Screening Service

o Authentication of Income Tax Certificate

o Authentication of Income Tax Returns

o Business Check (Regulatory Checks)

o Assets Evaluation

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